"Dude..." The Comedic "Real-Life inspired" Brickfilm series about Dudes

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"Dude..." The Comedic "Real-Life inspired" Brickfilm series about Dudes

Post  BeastLiberatedHC on Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:35 am

sinopsis: Henri, A european teenager(played by writer, editor and director of the series, blhc11) , with a nack for trouble, decides to visit is old friends from his youtube glory days, when he arrives at American soil he is immediately greeted by some of his friends(after he, technically breaks into their house... even though the door wasn't locked) he first meets Cooper(played by coopercastille), Marcus, Matthew(played by the mnmtwinz), Mason(played by MasonBeiter), Emilio(emiliuc17) and Zac(jkrunrmc)
Through out this series that shows these kids' adventures they'll meet several new people, including Zac's (un)nice neighbour, Hayden(Deutscheland1470), Zach02(captainawesome0711), Jay(jcharsch), Jack(lennonfan1010), David(TheLegofan98) and all their other school mates and teachers.

Cast(will be updated):
blhc11- himself
MasonBeiter- himself
coopercastille- himself
emiliuc17- himself
mnmtwinz- themselves
jkrunrmc- himself
Deutscheland1470- himself
Lennonfan1010- himself
toontownlegomaster-teacher1(probably Mr.Johnson)
jcharsch- himself

Trailer for the first two episodes:

Episode 1(was filmed far before the trailer... I guess I screwed up alot during the filming of this episode...):

Episode 2(YOU TOOK MA FOOD!!!!):

Episode 3(It's Christmas!):

Merry Drunken Christmas!
- From Charlie Bobby Scotty-boy "Nick Claus" Nicolas BUAHAHAHAHAH

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